We take pride in working hand in hand with customers as well as with our carpet and flooring vendors. We make sure that our vendors are the best of the best and can give our customers the satisfaction they desire. Our vendors vary and are equipped with many different protection plans in regards with their carpets. For example some have Lifeguard protection on carpets others have All Pet Protection and Warranty. We like to have a variety so we can make sure our customers are satisfied. Some of our vendors are even committed to the environment and want to leave a healthy planet for the next generation. So when you are looking for a carpet and flooring dealer in Logan, UT or Cache Valley, you can count on Hart Floor Co.

When deciding which carpet, is right for your home it can be a challenge. You have to think about the kind of carpet that will fit your lifestyle as well as your home. Are you more of a synthetic carpet person or more of a wool carpet type? It can be easier said than done to just choose a certain fiber however, here are some pros and cons of both that may help with your decision.

The pros of synthetic carpet differ from the type of synthetic carpet it is. Nylon is easy to clean, durable, the most sustainable of the synthetics and resilient. It even has good yarn memory which prevents crushing, resists stains well with treatment and holds color well, also good abrasion resistance. Polyester is a fade resistant, stain resistant, and is available in many different colors. Polypropylene is inexpensive, it also has a superior stain resistance, and resists fading from sunlight.

There are cons to it as well...Read more