How to Choose The Right Hardwood Floor For Your Home

Putting in hardwood floors is something you can't go wrong with. Hardwood floors have natural beauty and can go with any décor. For example, hardwood floors can go with homes that are modern, traditional, country, you name it. It goes great in any room and at Hart Floor Co. we have many options of hardwood flooring to choose from. We can make sure you get the hardwood flooring that will work best with your lifestyle. 
Many don't know this but hardwood flooring actually has a Janka Hardness Rating. For example, White Oak has a Hardness Rating of 1360 compared to Red Oak that has a Hardness Rating of 1290. The higher the number is the harder the wood will be. We are asked quite frequently "what is the best hardwood floor to buy?" and to be honest it depends on the individual homeowner and what the traffic will be like in each room where the hardwood floor will be installed. 
Trying to find the right hardwood flooring can go one of two ways, it's either fun and easy or very tedious and no fun at all.  At Hart Floor Co. we tend to lean toward option "A". We want you to have a fun and easy buying experience, and we can help you through the buying and installation process and every step of the way in between. We have many options to choose from but we can help you narrow down your options and make sure we find the hardwood floor for you. We will also work with any home builder to ensure they get the flood installed on time and looking amazing. 
For tips on how to care for your hardwood floors, visit our how to care for hardwood floors page.