When you are looking for the best hardwood floor dealer and installer in Logan and Cache Valley, you can count on us.  We offer several different lines of hardwood floors from many different vendors.  Here are a few examples of the hardwood floors you can purchase from Hart Floor Co.  If you would like more options, come visit us today and let use show you all the different types of hardwood floors available to you.  Here is just a taste from Hallmark. 
Organic Hardwood Collection:
Hallmark Floors replicate real reclaimed wood floors with natural patina, and are 100% handcrafted with genuine wood texture using our ten-step process. The floors come with random widths and lengths. These floors complement both nature and the latest design trends. They are created with modern production techniques and are an organic hardwood collection. We have multiple colors and finishes in our flooring, and we can make sure to find the flooring that works best and looks the best in your home.  
Alta Vista Hardwood Collection:
The collection that is known as the return to vintage European. This hardwood is designed and crafter out of French White Oak. French White Oak has been used for everything from flooring to shipbuilding because of its stability. They are lightly sculpted and wire brushed 100% by hand. The collection is stunning and is one of a kind.
Moderno Hardwood Collection:
The Moderno Hardwood collection is simply fashionable. It is the perfect blend of artistry and dependable craftsmanship. It was inspired by contemporary high-end furniture. This features longer length planks, Hallmark's authentic 4mm sawn-cut style, and is smooth with lightly wire brushed texture done 100% by hand. This finish is gorgeous and many people's favorite. 
Monterrey Hardwood Collection:
This collection was designed with a historical European influence. This made it perfect for today's trends, it captures the beauty of nature. This is done by random width planks and the floors are crafted out of maple and hickory. Each individual plank is wire brushed 100% by hand. This helps create a very fashionable floor. 
These are just a few examples of the hardwood floors we have available.  
For more information here is a great article about how to choose the right type of hardwood floor for your home:
Putting in hardwood floors is something you can't go wrong with. Hardwood floors have natural beauty and can go with any décor. For example, hardwood floors can go with homes that are modern, traditional, country, you name it. It goes great in any room and at Hart Floor Co. we have many options of hardwood flooring to choose from. We can make sure you get the hardwood flooring that will work best with your lifestyle Read more....