Carpet vs. Hardwood

It’s hard to decide where you want to have carpet in your house just as much as having hardwood. Today we are going to look at the best places to have carpet in your house as well as the best places to have hardwood. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however, this is what we have found from experience. 

We have learned that people love hardwood for many different reasons. Hardwood has a natural beauty to it that catches most people’s eyes and they love it. Others love how easy hardwood is to clean and how it will look new for a long time. Hardwood is very sustainable, it’s renewable, and is made of natural material so of course, many environmentally friendly people are going to love it. From our experience, hardwood is mostly preferred in areas where there will be a lot of foot traffic because it is so easy to clean. If you or a guest happens to walk into your house with something on their shoe hardwood is less likely to stain than carpet.

When it comes to the carpet in Logan especially, a lot of people love carpet for its insulating characteristics. It’s soft and is perfect for muffling footsteps when people are walking throughout the house. Carpet does an exceptional job of hiding dirt and you don’t have to clean it as often as you will want to with hardwood or laminate floors. Carpet is mostly preferred in bedrooms because people love waking up in the morning and having their feet touch a nice, soft, carpet rather than a hard-cold surface like hardwood first thing in the morning. When choosing carpet there are so many options to choose from you are very likely to find one that you love.  

Doing research is always helpful when trying to make a decision. You can always give your friends a call at Hart Floor Co., we enjoy helping you make decisions in your home. We have great services and top brands to choose from. Call us today and let us help you get the best hardwood floors and carpet in your home.

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